Did you Choose the plan for the YEAR? GREAT! Because on Saturday, May 3, 2014 your business will be mentioned on the BIGGEST AND MOST IMPORTANT event of Broward County!

Let’s MOVE. SWEAT. GIVE ! ACT NOW! Please call for details 754-816-9698 or sign up at www.icfitnesstoo.com under “contact us”.



6 thoughts on “IC Fitness Too Compliments 4Kids of South Florida

  1. OH NO! Dead-line to order your FUN PACK for the PARK passed APRIL 1, 2014. BUT we can change that TODAY! Please call 754-816-9698 for details. Especially if you are in the HEALTH BUSINESS join NOW! This is one event you don’t want to MISS! If you are out of state, the ONE YEAR PLAN is still the same price even if you were not getting a booth. The booth is on US.. ACT NOW…MAY IS JUST A FEW DAYS AWAY!

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