iC Fitness Too, LLC is an organization with experienced certified instructors and personal trainers starting from 2003. Since then we have come together and form an atmosphere dedicated for those who are focused in building strength, flexibility and maintaining ones desired weight

As the demand to maintain a balanced life-style in the 20th century grew… so has the demand for fitness grown more! Therefore, whether you are currently in a contract of a Gym or not, IC Fitness Too Team will help you stay FIT in your current status by providing specialty classes just for you; whether through Special Event Classes or Additional Personal Training that we may offer at your current facility or not

So go ahead and register or email us so we can provide to you promptly of how we can help you STAY FIT! Remember we are an organization, so there is no need to worry about getting into a contract, your information is not shared, and you pay only for whatever class you plan to attend. Please keep in mind that because we compliment different locations “some” of the classes held requires an invitation from us and for you to RSVP. However if you are a Guest, Resident, Employee, etc. of that particular location any “Scheduled Class” does not require an invitation or RSVP, BUT you will HAVE to have already signed up with IC Fitness Too and payment processed in order to obtain our services

Please NOTE WITH ALL SPONSORS  IC Fitness Too does NOT  endorse, recommend, or approve the services and products of each SPONOSOR.  Anyone regards of sex and age that takes part in our SPONSORS’ services and/or products does so at your OWN RISK and NOT under the advise or supervision  of  IC Fitness Too, LLC.


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